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Healthy Happy Hounds offers Dog Massage and Reiki treatments for dogs and their pet parents determined to provide the best healing, health care, love and comfort for their beloved furry family members.

We are located in Grayslake, IL. We provide house calls for dog massage and reiki in the greater Lake County area including northeastern Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin.

We also offer ‘treatment days’ in specific day care, grooming, vet facilities, training centers, pet stores, agility trials and other sporting events.

Please Contact Us  for more details and a Calendar of Events / Locations we will be at.


Diane Weber
Canine Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner.


Diane Weber holds a BA from Mundelein College, an MPS from Loyola University and numerous certificates in advanced studies and professional modalities. She is a graduate of the Academy of Dog Grooming and Chicago Canine Massage. Diane is a Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Reiki Practitioner in the Usui Lineage. Diane's interest in assisting dogs with massage and reiki was generated from having and loving her own dogs.

"Dogs teach us a lot and are one path to be connected to the Divine Spirit and live in the present moment".

Diane's previous occupations include serving as a College Chaplain and as the Executive Director at a social service agency in Lake County, IL.

She is also the founder and continuing Director of Hermitage Ministries, an independent ministry focused on spiritual and personal growth and healing (for humans).


I love Diane and the way she makes me feel like a princess. I am comforted when my bones and muscles are massaged and can’t wait for her to come again!
— Miss Maya, 15 Year Old - Happy Lab / Retriever
What a difference the first three massage and reiki treatments have made for AJ. He is recovering from being hit by a car and is now more playful, more mobile and much happier!
— Mary, in Mundelein, IL.

Our Services



In your home where your dog is most comfortable, one hour massages are available. The massage also includes instruction to the pet parent for doing a “wellness assessment massage” and techniques for maintenance between professional massages if desired.

$60 per hour*


Working dogs need muscle release and relaxation in order to be their best to assist the safety and guidance of human beings.

$30 per hour*


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) energy healing is a gentle, painless, yet powerful modality that works on animals and humans alike. While Reiki energy can be used on a sick or injured dog, it can also be used as a preventative to any potential illness or ailment or to maintain the optimum strength and well-being of a dog.

$45 for 30 minutes*


Combined package for the ultimate bliss and healing experience.

$45 for 30 Minutes*


Agility trials or other canine sporting events are a perfect place for your dog to receive a “warm-up” or “cool down” massage. It has been reported that sports dogs are more focused and perform better when receiving massage. Sports massages are usually 15 minutes in length at venue.

$20 for 15 Minutes (at venue) 

Your secretary or contact person can call or email to make arrangements for our participation at events.  

dog birthday parties & celebrations

Canine Birthday Parties or other special occasion celebrations are available for 4 or more dogs. Each dog will receive a 15 minute massage, foot crème and a quality treat.

$20 per canine party goer*


Personalized memorial services are available for pet families having lost a beloved animal. After spending years as a Chaplain (for humans), and living with dogs myself, I know that a time of grief, prayers and remembrance are important for those who have loved an animal family member. Call for details and or designing a special plan.

*Plus Transportation: Transportation is charged at .55 cents per mile to and from destination.


I am making an investment in my dog’s good health with regular massage and reiki treatments. After just two treatments, Avery seems happier, calmer, more alert and responsive.
— John, in Kenosha, WI.
I get so excited when Diane comes to see me that I wiggle and bark for 10 minutes. My hips and my paws feel much better after a massage.
— Harley, Golden Retriever, Gurnee

benefits of dog massage


Dogs can be our best friends, the ones who save our lives or prevent disasters.  Our dogs become as much a family member as any other, providing us with unconditional love, comfort and loyalty. Being part of a three dog family, I know how important it is for each animal to get individualized attention.



Massage has many benefits for dogs just as it has for humans including:

  • Increased circulation
  • Increased mobility
  • Relief from pain and aching muscles
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Elimination of toxins
  • Relaxation
  • Calms and increases trust in shy or nervous dogs
  • Provides comfort for dogs nearing the end of life

Reiki is an ancient healing modality which is considered "energy medicine".  It is universal energy that is channeled through a reiki practitioner trained and attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher.  Reiki benefits humans as well as animals and all living things by promoting healing, peacefulness and chakra clearing.

Treatments can be done via long distance as energy is not limited by time or space.  Long distance treatments are recommended for dogs that are aggressive and not easily calmed as well as those who are ill and nearing the end of their lives.  As behavior changes occur in aggressive or unruly dogs it may be a signal to introduce hands-on sessions.

Important Note: Animal Reiki and Canine Massage are not a replacement for normal veterinary medical care from traditional sources.  Alternative and holistic modalities are complementary, adding to healing and good health.  Regular veterinary care is essential for animals and it is their right to receive the medical care needed.


meet Satisfied Customers


Appointments are set up to meet the needs and schedule of pet parents, Mondays through Thursday and some week-ends. Some flexibility exists due to irregular schedules and holidays.

I want this valuable time to be an educational experience for pet parents as well as a massage for their canines.  The best way to prepare is to ensure your dog has had a bath recently and has been out for a walk an hour or so before the appointment time so he/she can use the "canine bathroom".  That way he/she will be more comfortable and ready to relax.

Your dog must also be current on the State of Illinois requirements for preventative injections; rabies, etc. You can obtain a copy from your vet, or ask them to send me a scanned copy via email.

I provide treatment to the extent your dog is comfortable. I never force a dog -- maybe a little treat now and then to enhance her/his enthusiasm.  Some dogs need to build trust with more than one session to get used to what's happening while others just roll right over in eager expectation. Each dog has her/his own personality, which I respect, and do my best to enhance harmony, happiness and health.

I also like to teach every pet parent to do an "Assessment Massage" and easy massage strokes they can do themselves so they can monitor their canine's health frequently.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment.



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